Embassy of India, Yangon, Myanmar
Capacity Building Programmes Capacity Building Programmes

Capacity Building Programmes

Capacity Building Programmes

Nine (09) training courses for Union Election Commission of Myanmar (UECM) have been conducted for about 200 Officers in 2018-2019.

Specialized courses for civil servants of Myanmar are being conducted. 73 District Administrators in 04 batches and 330 Township Administrators in 11 batches are to be trained at National Centre for Good Governance (NCGG), Mussoorie. As of now 04 courses conducted: 02 Township Administrators and 02 District Administrators in 2019-20.

i400 Judges and Judicial Officers are to be trained during 05-years at National Judicial Academy of India (NJAI), Bhopal. Till date around 160 judicial officer have been trained.

Since March 2017, over 1200 Myanmar Police Officers on civilian side were trained.

Four tailor made courses in English skill training for 25 officials each conducted in 2018-19 in Delhi and Hyderabad. More such courses are being conducted online.

05 Specialized courses for Myanmar power Sector Professionals have been conducted for about 100 officers in 2023 

39 Myanmar Health officials from Ministry of Health have participated in International Public Health Management Development Program course conducted at PGIMER, Chandigarh in 2023.

06 e-ITEC online training programme in English language (Basic & Advance) skill development courses for Myanmar officials have conducted during 2022-23. Around 200 Myanmar officials have attended the online training programmes.

Various capacity building training progrmmes were conducted under MGC plan of action for officials from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Science and Technology etc.