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Women Economic Forum 2017

The focus of Women Economic Forum 2017 - in New Delhi from 8th May to 13th May - is to help all, and especially women, grow their businesses - expand internationally, start and scale start-ups, tap into Make in India opportunities and gain access to wide international networks for innovative collaborations. 

The 2016 edition was most successful with 1200 delegates - women and men - from 110 countries joining in, and large delegations of businesspeople from many countries coming in. For Women Economic Forum 2017 2000 delegates from 150 countries are expected to be participate.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Harbeen Arora

Global Chairperson,

Women Economic Forum (WEF), ALL Ladies League (ALL)


Direct Mobile : +918860222228

Email : harbeen.arora@aall.in

Brochure : Women Economic Forum Brochure