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Press Note on handing over of 300T capacity, six nos General Cargo Vessels(23 June, 2017)

Press Note on handing over of 300T capacity, six nos General Cargo Vessels Kaladan 1 to 6 at Sittwe on 26.06.2017

        The Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project agreement, signed between the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Government of the Republic of India consists of works that include setting up port facilities at Sittwe terminal (IWT) at Paletwa, dredging at Sittwe port along Kaladan river channel, providing night navigation facilities alongside the Kaladan river, as well as design, construction and supply of six cargo vessels of 300 tonne capacity each.

        While working on that port in Sittwe and the IWT in Paletwa in its final stages, the six cargo vessels meant to facilitate transportation of goods from Sittwe to Paletwa have been constructed. The total cost of constructing these vessels was 81.29 Million USD (10.5 billion Kyats) which has been met through a grant from the Government of India.

        The design and drawings of the vessels were made as per the rules and requirements of RINA Class and the model tests were carried out at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The plant, requirements and materials used in the construction of the vessels were of RINA Class. The construction of the vessels was carried out in Myanmar by IWT, Myanmar as per the rules and regulations of DMA (Department of Marine Administration). The entire manpower used for construction of the vessels was from Myanmar.

        The construction work was assigned to I.W.T in October, 2012. I.W.T, Myanmar has built these six Kaladan vessels at the following Yards:-

1.I.W.T Dalla Dockyard- Kaladan 1 & 2
2.I.W.T Dagon Seikan Dockyard Kaladan 3 & 4
3.I.W.T Dawbon Dockyard Kaladan 5 & 6

        The keels were laid on March, 2013 and the vessels were launched between April 2016 to December 2016. On completion of the tests and trials at Yangon, the vessels reached Sittwe in March, 2017. Acceptance trials have been completed in April, 2017 at Sittwe. The vessles will be handed then at a ceremony on 26th June in Sittwe by the Ambassador of India in Myanmar, Mr. Vikram Misri, to H.E. U Thant Sin Maung, Minister of Transport and Communications of Myanmar.

        Sittwe Port and I.W.T Paletwa are expected to be ready for the regular operation very shortly. Their operationalization will be a catalyst for industrialization in both Rakhine and Chin States. It will open up employment generation in various sectors and will also promote exports of agricultural commodities, marine products, timber products and various other items, thereby raising the levels of economic development in this region of Myanmar.

Principal Dimension of the Kaladan Cargo Vessels is as follows:

LengthO.A- 45.00M
Breadth- 9.50M
Depth- 2.30M
Draft- 1.50M
DesignSpeed- 8Knots
Complement- 10Persons
DeadWeight- 341Tonnes
GrossTonnage- 333Tonnes
NetTonnage- 100Tonnes
CargoCapacity- 300Tonnes
CargoHold1Volume- 230M.Cubic
CargoHold2Volumes- 240M.Cubic

        The vessels are powered by two Yanmar Engines of 204 KW and equipped with ZF Gear Boxes.