Distribution of Medicines and Medical items to around 130 villages in Bago Region (August 5,2021)

Embassy of India


Press Release

In view of the serious Covid-19 situation in Myanmar which is causing a lot of pain and suffering to the people, the Embassy of India in collaboration with the Indian Women’s Association of Yangon (IWAY) as part of latter’s charity work will contribute medical supplies to the people to help them cope with the pandemic.  This modest contribution, which is a token of friendship, includes oximeters (260), N94 masks (2,600), surgical masks (19,500), PPEs (1,300), paracetamol tablets (127,500), vitamin C tablets (65,000), Zinc tablets (39,000), and multi-vitamin tablets (65,000).  These medicines and medical items will be distributed to around 130 villages in the Bago region through local bodies.  Mrs. Smriti Srivastav, spouse of the Indian Ambassador and President of IWAY and board members, along with the Ambassador handed over the supplies for distribution at India House.

5th August, 2021


Press Release- Distribution of Medicines & Medical items to around 130 villages in Bago Region (August 5, 2021) ( Myanmar Version)