Press Release-10 April, 2015

Press Release-10 April, 2015

India supports Myanmar Central Land Records Development Training Centre (CLRDTC) Taikkyi, Yangon Region

          The Embassy of India is pleased to announce the successful completion of the project for augmentation of the infrastructure of the Myanmar, Central Land Records Development Training Centre (CLRDTC), situated in Taikkyi Township of Yangon Region, with financial and technical assistance from Government of India.

          The project included supply and installation of state-of-the-art equipments, computers and accessories such as operating system along with audio-video cards and ports for connectivity, display and integrated optical media device. They have been installed with augmented backup (UPS) for uninterrupted power supply.

          The upgradation of this important training institute with advance equipments would go a long way in strengthening Myanmar’s capacity building efforts especially for land records. The subject of keeping efficient land record has acquired vital importance and urgency for the political and economic reforms undergoing in the country. The CLRDTC is expected to contribute towards this goal by providing well organized service in terms of record keeping and quick retrieval by utilizing the electronic resources. This would also contribute to Myanmar’s endeavour to implement e-governance in the country.

          Government of India attached great importance to its development cooperation with Myanmar. It seeks to share with its strategic partner the best that India could, including the experience and expertise of the ‘Digital India’ Programme. India is committed to cooperate with Myanmar Government in all such endeavours.

April 10, 2015

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