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Total Approximate Current Commitment In Myanmar

US$ 1726 million approx


Directly Funded Bilateral Assistance Projects

US$ 979 million


LoC Projects

US$ 747 million


Completed or nearly completed Projects


Connectivity Projects


1. Tamu Kale Kalewa (TKK) Road  (US$ 27 Million) This vital ‘Friendship’ Road connects Moreh in Manipur to Tamu and onto to Kalemyo and Kalewa in Sagaing Region of  Myanmar and is the main artery for cross border trade, commerce and communication. The upgradation of the 160 km road in Myanmar was taken up in 1997 and completed in 2001.  Border Roads Organization (BRO) was the implementing agency. A small stretch of 28 km of the Kyigone-Kalewa stretch needs upgradation and is being assessed for execution. (Cost of the project is based on 2001 rates which factored for current cost of construction would amount to Approx. US$ 250 million at present value)





Capacity Building Projects in Myanmar 




2 Industrial Training Centre, Pakokku & Industrial Training Centre, Myingyan  (US$ 6 million)


Government of India, through the Hindustan Machine Tools International Ltd (HMTI), assisted the Government of Myanmar in establishing two Vocational Training Centres at Pakokku and Myingyan (of a total of 6 such Centres which exist) in Myanmar. HMTI has supplied the equipment and conducted training on site as well as in India. The ITCs provide vocational training on various industrial subjects including Machinist-Fitter, Machinist- Turner/Miller, Tools and Die Making, CNC machinists, Industrial Electrician, Electronic Mechanic, Sheet Metal and Welding Worker and Foundry. While the Pakokku Centre was handed over in 2011; the Myingyan Centre was handed over to the Government of Myanmar in October 2013. Each year around 200 participants are trained in one-year courses on industrial subjects.


3 Language Laboratories and E-Resource Centre (US$ 0.3 Million) 


The project involved deploying Classroom Management Software and Self Paced English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Chinese Languages content along with hardware support to assist Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Myanmar in their training/skill development over Foreign Languages. The project also involved providing assistance for soundproofing of the Laboratories, which along with the E-Resource Centre have been established at the MOFA in Nay Pyi T aw and Yangon.  Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has assisted the Government of India in the implementation of the project, which was completed (and handed over) in April 2014.

 4 India-Myanmar Center for Enhancement of Information Technology Skills                          (IMCEITS) (US$ 0.3 Million) 


Government of India supported the establishment of the IMCEITS, to assist Myanmar, in its endeavour to provide short term courses on Software and Application Programming for eligible Myanmar students, with an aim to further refine the IT ‘skills’ of the population. Situated at Center for Information and Communication Technology Trainings (Hlaing) (CICTT), IMCEITS was established through C-DAC in 2010. The Courses have proved to be extremely popular and on Government of Myanmar’s request, the Centre was upgraded through C-DAC in 2014 through upgradation of courses, IT equipment and training. IMCEITS is now an Authorized Training Centre (ATC) of CDAC for three years and offers joint certification with CDAC.


5 Myanmar-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre (MIEDC) (US$ 0.3 Million) 


MIEDC was established at the Institute of Economics (Hlaing Campus) Yangon in 2009 as part of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) programme. The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) implemented the project through supply of equipment, development of courseware and also deploying an Advisor stationed for 4 years, till 2013. Under its training programme, the Centre has conducted 25 courses for 1310 participants in 2012-2013, imparting training to 3000 participants since its establishment. The Centre conducts courses on a wide range of popular themes including entrepreneurship appreciation/sensitization programmes, capacity building of NGOs, development of training manuals for SMEs/Exports/micro Enterprises, women empowerment and project evaluation, appraisal, research and development.


6 Myanmar-India Centre for English Language Training (MICELT) (US$ 0.1 million)


MICELT was set up under the Initiative for Asian Integration (IAI) programme in 2009 at the Yangon University with an aim of providing a permanent venue for teaching and raising the general level of proficiency in English language in Myanmar. The project was implemented by the English Foreign Language University (EFLU) Hyderabad thorugh deployment of faculty and equipment. MICELT operates under the Ministry of Education, Myanmar and shares its staff with the English Language Department of Yangon University. Till date, 18 courses on English proficiency have been conducted between 2009-2013, for a total of 844 participants. Courses are generally conducted for  Myanmar Civil Servants and officials of various Ministries of Myanmar. Special courses are conducted for journalists, businessmen, law enforcement officers and English language trainers as per demand.



Other Government of India assisted  Projects (US$ 17.1 million) 


Supply of agricultural machinery (2011-12) 

US$  10 million 


Reception of Satellite Data (2006, 2009)

US$ 3.6 million


Construction of 11 Disaster Proof Rice Silos in Delta Region and Nay Pyi Taw (2011-2012) 

US $ 2.2 million  


Upgradation of Ground Receiving Station for Remote Sensing at Yangon

US$ 1.3 million




Initiatives under implementation 

US$ 928 million 



Connectivity Projects US$ 844 million  assuming US$ 300 million estimation for Rih Tiddim and Kalewa Yargi Road Project

  1. 1 Kaladan Multi modal transit transport Project Project ( estimated cost US$ 484 Million) 



The Kaladan Multimodal Transit Transport project aims to connect the Bay of Bengal to Rakhine and Chin hinterland and there onto Mizoram, India using sea, river and road transport modes to facilitate a development corridor in Myanmar and also movement of cargo from the Indian mainland to the North East of India. On completion, the project would encourage investment and trade and also provide much needed connectivity in this remote region. Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) is Project Development Consultant for the for the Port and Inland waterway transport component while M/s Essar Projects India Ltd (EPIL) is the Contractor for development of the Waterway component including Port at Sittwe, Inland Waterway Terminal at Paletwa (Chin State) and construction of six 300T General Cargo Vessels. A 109.2 km double lane road would connect Paletwa to Myeik Wa on the Myanmar India Border.

Status: While the Waterway component of the project is due to be completed before April 2015 and currently stands at 84%; work on the road (to be implemented jointly and simultaneously by Myanmar and India) is to commence soon.


2 Trilateral Highway Project (estimated to be US$ 150 million but actuals would be ascertained on completion of the feasibility studies)


The project involves developing a 1360 km highway jointly by India, Myanmar and Thailand connecting Moreh in India to Mae Sot in Thailand through Myanmar. The proposed route is Moreh (India)-Tamu-Kalewa-Yargyi-Monywa-Mandalay-Meiktila-Baw Nat Gyi-Mawlamyine-Kawkareik-Myawaddy/Mae Sot. India is undertaking upgradation of a challenging section - the Kalewa- Yargi Section of the highway which is around 123 km long and passes through hilly and seismic prone terrain.


Status: Feasibility studies are being completed by the Consultant M/s EGIS India on site after which a Contractor would be appointed to execute the project.


3 Tamu-Kalewa-Kalay Road (TKK) ‘Friendship Road’ – Upgradation of Bridges (US$ 60 million as estimated from the Feasibility Report completed)


The project originally involved upgradation of the 160 km TKK road at a cost of US$ 20 Million. 28 km of Kyigone-Kalewa stretch is being assessed for completion. Further, Government of India is committed to building 71 bridges and approach roads on the TKK Road.


Status: The Consultant, M/s IRCON in a JV with Shweta Technophile Consultants Pvt. Ltd has completed the Feasibility Study which is being evaluated by the Government of Myanmar for approval. Subsequently a Contractor would be appointed for executing the project.


4 Rhi Tiddim Road Project (estimated to be US$ 150 million but actuals would be ascertained on completion of the feasibility studies)




The project involves development of an estimated 80 km road connecting Tiddim in Chin State to Rihkhawdar (Rih) which is on the Myanmar India border (Chin State-Mizoram State). The Road would not only facilitate development in a very remote part of Chin State but also facilitate border trade and commerce between Myanmar and India. The MoU for construction of Rhi-Tiddim was signed in December 2012 during the visit of the External Affairs Minister to Myanmar.


Status: The Consultant M/s IRCON in a JV with Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. is preparing a DPR and currently conducting surveys on site. 

Capacity Building Initiatives (US$ 35 million)



5 Myanmar Institute of Information Technology (MIIT), (US$ 24 million)


The aim is to develop a National Centre of Excellence in Information Technology at Mandalay, Myanmar on the lines of the successful IIIT model of India conducting programmes/courses on IT subjects and also awarding degrees/diplomas. Government of India would assist Government of Myanmar in running the Institute for five years. Tasks force teams have been constituted by both Countries to oversee the implementation of the project.

  Status:While the permanent structure for the Institute is being constructed by Myanmar, it has been decided to commence regular courses temporarily at the University of Computer Sciences Mandalay from the next Myanmar Academic session. In the interim a 9 month Post Graduate Diploma in Software development (PGDSD) course commenced at IIIT Bangalore from May 2014. 30 participants were selected by a joint entrance examination (first of its kind) conducted jointly by IIIT(B) and Ministry of Science and Technology Myanmar. While 6 months of the course was conducted at IIIT(B); project work for the remaining 3 months has just been completed at University of Computer Studies Mandalay. 

             6 Advance Centre for Agricultural Research and Education (ACARE), Yezin (US$ 9 million)


ACARE is being set up at Yezin University Campus Nay Pyi Taw. ACARE would breed high yield crops, facilitate access to technology, promote capacity building, and help in participatory knowledge management to improve the agriculture sector of Myanmar. The Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) has been appointed as the Consultant to assist in training, monitoring, curriculum formulation and setting up of laboratories and providing full time on site advisor for five years.


Status: The project is under active implementation with building construction complete and the Resident Advisor due to arrive shortly. Equipment is being procured, which will be installed, at ACARE. Faculty from Yezin Agricultural University are being sent to IARI for a training programme in the next few months.


7 Rice Bio Park, Yezin (US$ 2 Million)


The project aims to serve as training cum Demonstration Park for conversion of rice biomass into market driven products, helping in job creation and income generation. It involves setting up small-scale units along with storage facility, residential area, administrative building and knowledge centre. MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) is the consultant cum project manager responsible for business plan, equipment and training.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Status: Civil work for the Rice Bio Park, which includes 13 different buildings, is in full swing and procurement of equipment is underway.




Health Sector Initiatives (US$ 9 Million)


8 Upgradation of Yangon Children Hospital and Sittwe General Hospital (US$ 7 million)


The project involves upgradation, provision of medical equipment and training with respect to the two hospitals at Yangon and Sittwe. Hospital Service Consultancy Corporation India ltd (HSCC) is the project management consultant and has prepared the DPR.   Civil works undertaken by Government of Myanmar to prepare the Hospitals is underway.

Status: Some supplies including oxygen concentrators, surgical and diagnostic equipment (including 360 slice CT Scan machines) have arrived and are in the process of being installed while other items are under shipment. Training of paramedic staff for hospitals has been completed.

            9 Upgradation of Monywa General Hospital, Sagaing (US$ 2 million)

A proposal was received from Myanmar requesting for upgradation of hospital to 300 beds from existing 100 beds. The proposal also seeks construction of 4 buildings and providing equipment eg MRI, C arm X ray imaging equipment mini Operation Theatre and setting up an ICU. The detailed project plan has received approval from the Government of India

Status: Government of Myanmar is in the process of selecting a contractor to implement the project.

10 Other Initiatives

Teams led by Senior Administrators/Doctors from Yangon General Hospital have twice visited Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) Lucknow for short exposure/orientation tours in July 2014 and January 2015. Support for skill training in Radiotherapy and Nutrition as well as Health Information Systems is being finalized and Telemedicine connectivity is being worked out (equipment already in place at Yangon General Hospital and IMCEITS).


Border Development Projects (US$ 25 Million)


            11 Border Areas Development Project (US$ 5 Million every year for five years)



Under the under the Border Region Development MoU, Government of India is extending US$ 5 million micro development assistance every year for five years for projects on India-Myanmar border. Under the first year project plan, 21 schools, 17 health centres and 8 bridges are being built in Chin State and Naga Self Administered Zone of Myanmar through the Ministry of Border Affairs, Myanmar. Status: The first year projects are on the verge of completion and Government of Myanmar is in the process of selecting contractors to execute the second year projects which would involve construction of the following:-



State and Region





Chin State




Naga Self Administered Zone








12 Cardamom Plantation Project (US$ 0.1 Million)


Under the project, Spices Board of India is to provide technological support for commercial productions of Large Cardamom in Naga Self Administered Zone of Myanmar. Spices Board will also supply quality seeds to the Myanmar farmers and monitoring visits would be undertaken by the Spices Board to assess the progress of the plantation. Spices Board conducted two-2 day training modules in Naga SAZ April - May 2013 at Khamti and Lahel. The Project also involves exposure visits for 100 Myanmar farmers (in batches not exceeding 25, over four year period) to large cardamom growing areas in Sikkim, Darjeeling District of West Bengal as well as RRS-Indian Cardamom Research Institute at Tadong, Sikkim. The first batch of farmers visited India in the winter of 2014-2015.









GoI assisted other Projects (US$ 5 Million)

                              13 Central Land Records Development Training Centre (CLRDTC) Project for 100 computers (US$ 56,000)


Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI), Myanmar has requested for 100 sets of computers as part of their endeavour to improve the infrastructure for the Central Land Records Development Training Centre (CLRDTC) at Taikkyi Township, Yangon Region.


Status: The computers have been procured and have arrived at Yagnon. Efforts are underway to secure their release from Customs and delivery on site for installation.


 14 Restoration of Ananda temple, Bagan (US$ 3 Million)


Government of india has committed to undertake restoration works at the famous Ananda temple in Bagan which is being implemented through the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in coordination and consultation with the Ministry of Culture, Myanmar.


Status: Work is on schedule. Next phase of restoration works is being undertaken by a six member team from ASI which commenced from October – November 2014.


Reconstruction and Reconciliation assistance in Rakhine (US$ 1 million)


Government of India is committed financial assistance to Rakhine State, Myanmar for construction of schools for rehabilitation and reconciliation of the two communities affected by riots.


Status: Ministry of Border Affairs, Myanmar has recently completed construction at the designated sites (4- Sittwe, 4 Maudaung, 1 each in Kyawtaw and Minba townships) through local contractors.



Capacity Building in India



Scholarship programmes for Myanmar officials in India under the Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC), Colombo Plan, Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) etc.

US$ 10 million (from 2012)



US$ 979 million



Initiatives under Line of Credit (LoC)

US$ 747 million



Completed or nearly completed LoC Projects (2003-2004)

US$ 247 million


a) Railway projects (US$ 56 Million) including upgradation, maintenance of workshops, railway tracks and supply of Locomotives & assemblies;

b) Upgradation of Thanlyin Refinery (US$ 20 million) and 4.0 W Gas turbine generator including technology transfer, supply and delivery of goods. Angelique International Ltd executed the project;

c) Assembly plant for manufacturing of heavy turbo trucks at Magwe (US$ 20 million). Under the contract, Tata Motors Ltd supplied Plant & Equipment; Trial Vehicles and Sample Kits. It granted the right to use Technology License the Tata Logo & Trademark. The facility is in operation and efforts are underway to explore ways and means to enhance output in light of the changes in the duty structure for fully manufactured vehicles vis-à-vis those assembled in Myanmar;

d) Telecommunication project (US$ 7 million) for establishment of an OFC link between Moreh and Mandalay, and ADSL high-speed data link in Yangon area. Telecommunication Consultants of India Ltd. (TCIL) executed the project;

e) Railway project (US$ 60 million) for equipment, locomotives, engines and coaches. Supplies have been completed but on Myanmar Railway’s request, the AC coaches have been remodeled as Non AC; Container wagons as General Purpose by RITES India; as a special goodwill gesture;

f) 230 KV Transmission Lines and Substation project (US$ 64 Million) in Rakhinewas undertaken by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd and has been completed recently and the training /supervision component is underway;

g) Upgradation of Thanbayarkan Refinery in Magwe Region (US$ 20 million) Undertaken by Ms Novatech. The Refinery is of vital importance to Myanmar, as after renovation, it would produce high quality Octane that is being imported at present by Myanmar. All supplies have been completed and trial runs are due to commence soon, after which the plant would be commissioned for operation;



New lines of credit (2012)

US$     500 million


On the occasion of the State Visit of the President of Myanmar to India in October 2011, the Prime Minister of India announced the extension of a new concessional facility of US$ 500 million Line of Credit to Myanmar. An MOU to this effect was signed in Nay Pi Taw, on May 28, 2012, by Chairman and Managing Director, Exim Bank, and Managing Director of the Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank, in the presence of the Prime Minister of India, and the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.


Final Terms of the MOU which have been relaxed as a special dispensation for Myanmar


(a)      Rate of interest : 1.75% p.a.


            (b)       Repayment period: 15 years (inclusive of 3 year moratorium)


(c )      The grace period for commitment fee is twelve months.


a) Agricultural irrigation projects (US$ 198.96 Million) Agreements between EXIM Bank and Myanma Foreign Trade Bank were signed in December 2013 for 16+2 irrigation and rehabilitation schemes. DPR has been approved and the Agreement has been formalized through exchange of guarantees by the two banks.


Status: work on the irrigation canals has been completed by Myanmar and the project would now focus on land consolidation and supply of farm mechanization implements. The credit line is being operationalized;


b) Railway projects (US$ 86.31 million): Involves purchase of railway stock including locomotives, wagons and spares. Agreements between EXIM Bank and Myanma Foreign Trade Bank were signed in December 2013 and have been formalized through exchange of guarantees.


Status: The final mix of procurement requirement has been approved and the credit line is being operationalized;    


c) Road projects (US$ 140 million) for upgradation in Kachin US$ 120 million (Shwebo - Putao) and Rakhine US$ 20 Million (Kanyintan-Ahlethankyaw-Ahngumaw road).


Status: The credit line has been approved and Consultants for preparing the feasibility reports have been selected by the Ministry of Construction Myanmar. Government of India has sanctioned a separate Cash grant of US$ 8 Million as a special gesture for quick implementation of the project;


d) Communication project (US$ 6 Million) in Chin State for installation of GbE Microwave towers. Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd (TCIL) has prepared the DPR which has been approved by both sides.


Status: Execution of the project by TCIL would commence as soon as the Agreement between the two Banks is to be signed soon;


e) US$ 69 million credit line remains unutilized which would be used for purposes as requested by Government of Myanmar;




LoC Projects

Total US$ 747 million



Total approximate current outlay (Excluding contingency costs, additional scope of work but including estimates for projects (KY and Rih Tiddim connectivity projects ) and also including scholarships provided under ITEC

US$ 1726 million approx


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